Anonymous Twitter account becomes huge hit on campus

Anonymous Twitter account becomes huge hit on campus

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This past Valentine’s Day was like any other in a lot of ways. Some people spent it with their special someone. Others spent it forgetting the fact they don’t have a special someone. One person, who asked to simply be called “The Owner,” started a twitter account. Within a week, they were the talk of the campus.

@DruryUniCrush is a simple concept. People send in anonymous crushes, and the account tweets them out. Some people send in legit crushes. Others just send in nice things about their friends. A lot of comments are about the subject’s attractiveness, but others are deeper compliments.

The owner never intended for the account to be a big deal. “Honestly, I started this account all in good humor. It was made on Valentine’s day so i guess it was heavily influenced by a romance/crush theme.” The owner said that similar accounts at other universities was also a big inspiration for starting the account.

Despite their modest intentions, things quickly took off. “The account started with 8 followers and within the week it jumped to 211.” Soon people were tweeting out their – mostly positive – thoughts on the account. You couldn’t get tweeted about without all of your friends letting you know.

The account took off for several reasons. “I think the account took off because it so easy to express yourself and how you feel anonymously. No shame.” Furthermore, people just liked seeing their friends – and for the most part, themselves – tweeted about.

Running the page is actually quite a bit of work. The page receives a lot of comments, and quite a few of them are not appropriate. “If the comments submitted are appropriate, and light hearted we usually post it.” The positive vibe of the page was a big contributor to the popularity of the page.

The owner will get racy under special conditions. “Some people still submit through direct messages and choose to be known. They usually submit comments about their friends or their significant other.” This give the owner some wiggle room. “Those tend to be more of the ‘risky’ tweets we allow because we know for sure that the person means no harm by it.”

The page did get into some minor controversy when they tweeted out the following joke at the expense of Sigma Nu.

“Oh gosh, that Sig Nu tweet.” The owner deffinitly felt the heat for it. “Well, like it says in the bio, all tweets are submitted by others and its never the opinion of the account owner. We read the tweet as a joke. Most won’t and shouldn’t take these tweets seriously.” The owner went on to say, ”No offense should be taken, especially since the person had to be anonymous to take a ‘jab’ – if it even was one – at them.”

The page later made amends in a way when they tweeted out the sign-up sheet for the Sig Nu’s party. “The party tweet was, once again, just a link that someone submitted for me to tweet out.” It seems that everyone involved is content to let the joke be a joke and move on.

The people who have been tweeted about all seem to agree that it’s an honor. Sophomore Hanna Gentile “was so flattered,” despite the fact the tweet spelled her name wrong.

Gentile’s view on the page is very positive. “It’s sweet to see friends’ faces light u[ when they get a compliment they wouldn’t have seen on their own.”

Freshman Stevie Leigh also had positive thoughts about the multiple times she’s been tweeted abut. “At first I was really happy. Then I wasn’t sure if it was a legit crush or just a friend. Then I got happy that someone would do that just to make me happy.”

Junior Makayla Jordan-Diemler had similar thoughts. “It’s great [getting tweeted about], because you don’t know if it’s a crush or a friend, but either way it’s nice to be thought of.”

Junior Tully Beard has been tweeted about the by the page three times by her count. Her feelings are mixed, however. “I have positive experiences but I’m afraid I’m afraid it gives an outlet for objectifying people for their appearance.” She mentioned that some of the tweets were raunchy. However, she did add, “But I love the fact that people can give anonymous compliments and kind messages.”

Over the past week the page hasn’t been as active as it had been. The owner started the page as a joke, so it’s not clear how long they want to keep this up, or how much effort they have left to give (college is hard yo). No matter what happens next with the page, it’s given us some nice compliments and made quite a few of us feel better.


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