Just DU it: Get involved in a student organization

Just DU it: Get involved in a student organization

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Article by Lindsey Hedrick.

Looking to get involved on campus this semester, but not sure how? If so, look no further because The Mirror knows about many organizations and how to get involved. In fact, there are 71 registered organizations on campus to get involved in.

Here is a brief glimpse at some of the most well-known campus organizations which are quite easy to become involved with.

Student Union Board

Student Union Board, more commonly known as SUB, is the organization that puts on free events for students at least once a week – both on and off campus. They also host a variety of events such as the Spring Fling, May Ball and Fall Fest (just to name a few).

Clare Dudenhoffer, president of SUB, wants people to know how easy it is to get involved.

“Students can get involved with SUB on campus by either being a part of an organization or coming to the events,” said Dudenhoffer. “We hold events every week so it really is easy to get involved. All of our events are promoted on Drury’s calendar and on Facebook as well.”

For more information about how to get involved, email SUB Adviser Alexis Guth at [email protected].

Student Government Association

Interested in making a direct difference at the university? The Student Government Association (SGA) may be the organization for you.

According to their webpage, “SGA is the organization through which the values and ideals of Drury University students are implemented. It is a forum to address the rights and concerns of the entire student body. Using critical thought, creative problem solving, and insight gained through contact with our peers, we strive to enhance and better the student experience of those we represent.”

President of SGA, Dhruvkumar Sitapara, pointed out that SGA is different than all other clubs and organizations on campus.

“All of the positions on SGA are decided through elections,” said Sitapara. “There is more responsibility due to the fact that members are representing their individual classes and the entire student body. SGA is more formal than other organizations due to the fact we operate using Robert’s rules of order.”

To become involved with SGA, submit an application on their website www.drury.edu/sga. Candidates will be voted on by the student body around November to December.

Major-specific organizations

But what if your priorities lie within your major? Did you know that most Drury departments have their own club?

For instance, the social sciences department (psychology, sociology, and criminology) has the Behavioral Sciences Club, and the French and History departments have their own, as well.

Honor societies

Along with clubs and organizations, honor societies are a great way to get involved. However, there is a catch: these can be dependent on GPA, major, and ranking within that major. But once accepted into the honor societies, you can partake in the community service projects that they often sponsor. It looks great on a resume and gets you involved in our local area.

Freshman have the opportunity of joining Alpha Lambda Delta after their first semester as long as they have a GPA of 3.5 and are in the top 20 percent of their class.

If you want to know more information, you can view the “Clubs and Organizations” list on Drury’s website or contact Rob Neiss, director of Greek life and student activities, at [email protected].


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