Need a last minute costume? The Mirror has you covered!

Need a last minute costume? The Mirror has you covered!

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Forgot to put together a costume? Need something fun for a party? Check out these low maintenance costumes!









Scare your friends and show up as a “cereal killer”!

Topical and trendy, Bojack is an excellent choice for this Halloween. All you need is a horse’s head, some blues that don’t match, and clinical depression.

Here’s a nice Walter White throwback! All you need is a green shirt, some whitey tighties, a gun, and your game face.


Make Wes Anderson and Roald Dahl proud by going as the Fantastic Mr. Fox!  Use a paper plate if you need to, the sketchier the better.


Green shirt? Pipe cleaners? Great! Now you’re a cactus. Have fun!

Teen pregnancy never looked so good. Grab your Sunny D and have a hip Halloween, home skillet.


So you have muscles but no time to prepare for the holiday? Consider Rosie the Riveter! All you really need is a bandanna and a bicep to complete the look.

White shirt and some produce? Perfect! Get out there and be annoying and meta!


No you’re ready for Halloween. You’re welcome!



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