New exhibit at the Pool Arts Center opens Friday

New exhibit at the Pool Arts Center opens Friday

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By Elizabeth Menne

Beginning on Friday, Nov. 3, a special gallery event is coming to the Pool Art Center that you don’t want to miss.

“Nothing Vain: Moorhead Phillips, American Airman and Artist (1920-1925)” is presented by William Garvin, the curator of the event. On Sunday, November 5 from 5 to 8 p.m., Garvin will be giving a talk about the exhibit, as he has done extensive research in discovering and compiling the artist’s pieces.

Rebecca Miller, associate professor of art and Pool Art Center Gallery Director, is especially excited about this event, which will showcase the artwork of a United States airman during the World War II.

“The power of the show lies in the story of this soldier, Moorehead Phillips, who died in WWII after the plane he piloted was shot down,” Miller said. “This is a story of a prolific artistic voice and the viewer can only imagine what the scope of his artistic career would have been if he had not died so young, at the age of 24.”

Miller believes that students will find special value in the age of the artist, as he was around the same age as most Drury students at the time of the creation of his works and his untimely death.

“For students it could be a powerful show to view since many of the works he created were made about the same age as an average college student.  He seemed to have drawn all the time; in framing the show I’ve been able to closely examine the works on a variety of surfaces – from traditional drawing paper to Air Force stationary and even small scraps of paper.  He observed the world around him and documented it through his drawings, much like many of our students do today with their cellphones,” said Miller.

Phillips’ work is one that spans generations and gives an exclusive look into one of the most pivotal times in world history. “Nothing Vain” is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain insight into a world that few people have had the opportunity to see first-hand.

“The show is a powerful narrative of someone from a generation who went to war at a very young age and was a talent whose full potential was unfortunately never reached.  Much gratitude goes to Bill Garvin for discovering this artist and bringing his works to the Pool Art Center Gallery,” said Miller.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to view this exhibit in the Pool Arts Center. Opening reception is Friday, Nov. 3 from 5 to 8 p.m., and regular viewing hours begin on Nov. 5 and run through Nov. 26.


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