Pi Beta Phi to host annual POL: Lip syncing for a great cause

Pi Beta Phi to host annual POL: Lip syncing for a great cause

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Article by Lindsey Hedrick

Does watching campus organizations dance, lip sync and perform sound entertaining? If so, don’t miss Pi Beta Phi’s annual “Putting on the Lips” (POL) lip syncing competition on Nov. 13.

This year’s theme is “Road Trip,” and all teams are to put together a mix of different jams that relate to this theme. Tickets are on sale for $5 before event, to be sold outside the Commons during lunch hours from Nov. 6-10 and tickets will be $7 at the door.

History of POL

According to Madeline Clark, vice president of philanthropy for Pi Beta Phi, the joyful event was partly derived from tragic circumstances.

“POL has been around for over twenty years,” explained Clark. “But 2002 was really the first year that it began to be what is it now, an event to honor one of our sister, Andrea Newbold.”

Clark explained that Andrea was killed by a drunk driver in 2001 and POL transitioned to raise awareness and the money raised started to be donated to the Andrea Newbold fund, which supported the Equilibrium Therapy Center located outside of Springfield. Currently, the money raised will be put into their national philanthropy, something that Newbold was also passionate about.

Pi Beta Phi’s national philanthropy is The Literacy Fund, which gives chapters the funds they need to give back to their local communities. Their national philanthropy also plays a part in Read>Lead>Achieve, which gives books to children.

“In the last few years we have transitioned back to donating the money towards our literacy efforts,” said Clark. “When we donate to Pi Beta Phi’s national philanthropy, The Literacy Fund, a portion of what we raise come back locally, which I think is the best part.”

She hopes that this year the event can raise more funds, ticket sales and have increased team participation than past years.

“Last year we raised almost $4,000 so I would love to see us get above that this year,” said Clark. “My goal is to sell over 250 tickets and I would love to see 10 teams compete!”

Road trippin’ to a good cause

Each year POL has a different theme for teams to get creative with. Their dance moves and song choices are typically made regarding the theme. Teams are judged by Drury faculty members, who then pick the winners. Teams are often competitive, but the goal is to have fun and dance to a good cause.

Clark is excited about the road trip theme because it is very subjective and is excited to see the different directions that the teams will take.

“I am really looking forward to this year’s theme because I think we are going to hear a variety of fun songs,” explained Clark. “Everyone has their own preference on what they like to jam out to on road trips. I’m excited to see groups take this broad theme and run with it to make it their own.”

Although POL is a fun event on campus, the seriousness of it is just as important.

Clark explains what an honor it is to host this event, “We are so excited to be able to continue this event and we love being able to not only raise money for our philanthropy but to also raise awareness about drunk driving and how quickly lives can be changed if people choose to make that decision.”

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Don’t miss this great event on Nov. 13 in Clara Thompson at 8 p.m. As stated previously, tickets are $5 ahead of time and $7 at the door. Interested in making a team? The last day for team signups is Nov. 7. For more information about POL contact Madeline Clark, [email protected].


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