Track team to participate in Crimson and Gold Invite

Track team to participate in Crimson and Gold Invite

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This Saturday, Drury’s track and field team will be participating in their first track meet of the season at Pittsburg State. The “Crimson and Gold Invite” starts at 1 p.m. and athletes will compete in a variety of events such as hurdles, long jumps, high jumps, 60 meter dashes and more.

Ready to compete

Drury track athletes are using the upcoming meet to kick start their competitive season.

Autumn Green, sophomore, explained the purpose behind having a meet right before winter break.

“The Crimson and Gold Invite is a meet to get us rolling before Christmas break, so we can get a feel of what indoor competing is like, as well as, competing at a collegiate level,” said Green. “A lot of people on the team haven’t competed at this high of a level before. Our coach wants us to have this one meet so we can get a feel for it and won’t be nervous when we come back.”

When asked how prepared he feels the team is for the meet, Freshman Jake Bias said, “Yeah, I feel like we’re ready. I’m very excited for everything.”

Green added, “I think we’re excited and nervous, but I think we’ll be able to channel those nerves into our performance this weekend and utilize them to contribute to our success.”

Year-Round Dedication

It’s only natural that the team would be anxious to finally participate in the meet, as they have been practicing and preparing for competition since July of this year.

“Track is basically a year-round sport. We start in July and don’t finish until middle of May,” explained Green. “The trainings are pretty intensive until after Christmas break when indoor conference begins. We get a couple days to ourselves, but then we have to jump right back into it for outdoor [competitions].”

While some may think that this level of intensity is excessive, Green says it’s necessary for the sport they are in.

“Speed is a process,” said Green.  “We can’t have really long breaks because we will lose progress that we have worked so hard to get.”

This weekend’s meet is especially important because it will serve as a base point for coaches and players alike to see their strengths and where they have room for improvement. It will also help with team morale; this time of the year is at a critical point when resolve tends to drop as a result of the colder weather and looser schedule during break.

“It helps remind us that all of our training has paid off and makes us want to continue to better ourselves over Christmas break so we can prepare ourselves for the constant back to back meets we’ll have once we get back,” Green said.

Building the Program

Drury track athletes are optimistic that they will perform well in the upcoming season. They not only feel that they are on the right track physically, but in the development of the team as a whole.

Freshman and Team Captain Jessica Archuleta-Trujillo says that she has seen a lot of growth in the program in her short time at Drury.

“We’re building a lot as a team and working towards becoming a bigger and better program,” Archuleta-Trujillo said.

It is freshmen like Archuleta-Trujillo that give so much life to the program and help contribute to this “building.” With an outstanding work ethic and a lot of talent, Archuleta-Trujillo deeply cares about the sport and will surely bring much to the program in the years to come.

Bias also sees a lot of potential in the program.

“I think the team will take a couple of years to build, but hopefully by my senior year, we’ll have some time to come together and have a bigger team and more solid program,” he said.

This weekend, take a break from studying for finals and show support to our Drury track and field team in their race to victory.


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