Drury celebrates Black History Month, BUIC promotes events and giveaways

Drury celebrates Black History Month, BUIC promotes events and giveaways

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With the goal of helping people of color feel included, Black United Independent Collegiate, more commonly known as B.U.I.C., is hosting a variety of different events in honor of Black History Month.

B.U.I.C.’s mission is to offer support and encouragement to students of color. The organization was originally founded in the 1990s and was revitalized the spring semester of 2017 by Abigail Akinyemi, now president of the organization.

To Keisha McMillen, vice-president, this organization is a vital component to a positive campus culture.

“B.U.I.C. gives students of color a safe space to come together and feel confident with who they are as a group and as individuals,” said McMillen.

Earlier this Jan., B.U.I.C. faced the subarctic Missouri temperatures and attended Springfield’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day March. While their membership is still rather small, the newly reorganized group is confident Drury’s growing racial diversity will bring new members to B.U.I.C.

For some of the events that B.U.I.C. is hosting they will be partnering with MSU’s campus group. However, they will also hold their own events on Drury’s campus.

“On Feb. 8, we will be hosting a book fair that will showcase books by African American authors,” said Akinyemi.

Some of these books will be brought in by Drury students, and the organization will also have a suggested reading list, according to Akinyemi.

Another event the group is looking forward to is their exclusive premiere of the “Black Panther” movie. B.U.I.C. will get to see the movie the night of Feb. 15, before its release date on Feb. 16, at The Alamo Drafthouse.

“We will be giving away five tick- ets that include the Alamo ticket, free popcorn and free drinks,” said Akinyemi.

To have a chance at winning the tickets you must like their Facebook page and answer the trivia questions posted. If you get the question correct, you will then be entered for a chance to win. Winners will be notified approximately two days before the event. If you don’t win, however, you can still buy your own ticket for the exclusive premiere.

B.U.I.C. is in support of another event on Feb. 17.,an African American Heritage concert will take place at Jaunita K. Hammons Hall on MSU’s campus.

Another event is on Feb. 22 and is a play entitled “Why I Kneel,” done by McMillen. It’s a free play at the Springfield Art Museum that discusses the “kneeling” controversy of the NFL.

The next event will be on Feb. 25 at MSU’s campus. B.U.I.C. will be attendeding a banquet hosted by their African Student Association. This banquet will feature a step show and fashion show.

Other discussions and workshops are in the planning stages, with time and dates to be announced.

For more information about the organization and their events, you can visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/blackunitedindependentcollegiate or their page on Drury’s website: drury.edu/diversity/buic.

Article by Taylor Perkins and Danielle Wheelan.

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