Art and culture in Springfield: Drury C-Street Gallery offers cultural outlet to students and residents

Art and culture in Springfield: Drury C-Street Gallery offers cultural outlet to students and residents

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Springfield, Mo. is not usually considered a cultural mecca. Chinese restaurants, cashew chicken, and Branson’s close proximity are some of Springfield’s claims to fame. The art scene, however, is vibrant and growing in Springfield. Downtown, local businesses, and Drury’s very own C-Street Gallery are where you can find exciting new artists.

The C-Street gallery is operated by Drury students enrolled in the arts administration practicum class.

The curators of the current show, Crystal Peyrefitte and Kathy Castleberry, discussed how they pick artwork to feature and the success of their newest exhibition, Do You See Who I See, with artwork by Korah Leigh.

Crystal Peyrefitte and Kathy Castleberry pictured at gallery opening. Photo courtesy of Kathy Castleberry.

“The first step of the process for selection is to ensure the photo actually meets the physical criterion for the show. The pieces must be ready to hang. Surprisingly you will get entries that don’t have any means of the affixing them to the wall,” said Castleberry.

“Secondly, the content of the artwork is considered. If it is immediately evident that the subject matter fits with the theme of the show, then we look at the piece in comparison to the other pieces,” said Castleberry.

Peyrefitte added, “For our February show, we received many submissions from several talented artists and we had to make some hard decisions.  In the end, our goal is to produce the most interesting and professional show for the gallery.  We both were extremely proud of the end result.”

It is for these reasons that Leigh’s work was showcased in this exhibit.

Leigh is a recent graduate of Kickapoo High School and has spent her time traveling and painting for music festivals in various states. Her art has been shown in three different galleries and she has also had her photography displayed in the Starbucks off of S Campbell Avenue.

“I know for sure Springfield might not be considered the biggest town for its art, but if you really look at it, we have a lot of art galleries in this town and a lot of smaller businesses that have been popping up here. You just kind of have to know what you’re looking for,” said Leigh.

She added, “I mean, even the coffee shops in town have local art hanging in them. So, I guess if you’re wanting to see art from someone local, you just have to go to more local businesses. But I really like all of the other art galleries in town and I feel very lucky to have gotten the chance to have my art shown at the Drury gallery.”

C-Street gallery will have three more shows this semester to look forward to, and The Mirror has the exclusive sneak peek at their themes.

The upcoming show in March is called “Synesthesia of Song” and will feature artwork that is inspired by a song.

The April show is titled “Illness of Mentality” and will be a visual representation of how mental illness has touched the artist’s life.

The May show is “Speak Easy” and will be soliciting work based on things artists have wanted to speak out about but have felt repressed in one way or the other.

It may not be obvious, but Drury is surrounded by more talented artists. Our own C-Street gallery is merely a few blocks away and offers the perfect outlet for students and Springfield residents alike who are searching for something different here in Springfield, Mo.


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